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Anodyne Therapy Machine

Anodyne® Infrared Therapy Systems are used in a clinical setting by numerous health care professionals such as, Therapists, Nurses, MD's, DO's, Podiatrists, Chiropractors, and Nurses for improved patient outcomes.

Patients looking for a non-invasive treatment alternative to drugs for pain and poor circulation can also receive the benefit of infrared and heat therapy treatment in the comfort of home with our effective and affordable Anodyne® Therapy home systems.

Would you like more of an idea of what Anodyne Therapy is? Please view this YouTube video!


Fall Reduction Program

Click here to view and print out our Fall Prevention brochure

Compassionate Home Care, Inc. will develop a program for identifying and reducing unanticipated falls/injuries caused by falls in the home care setting. All clients will receive a fall safety assessment and instructions located in the Admission Booklet.

To foster a safe environment throughout the agency by integrating safety priorities into relevant processes, functions and services. Improve client safety by reducing the risk for falls. Inform the client and caregivers of their responsibilities and reducing unanticipated falls.

1. Upon Start of Care, Recertification, Resumption of Care the case manager will
complete a Fall Risk Assessment located in the OASIS booklet.

2. The Fall Risk Assessment includes: fall history, medication(s) and
alcohol consumption, gait and balance screening, walking aides, assistive technologies, protective devices assessment, and environmental assessments.

3. Case manager will implement fall precautions for a total score of 15 or
greater. If the patient is at risk for falls the case manager will implement the following:

• Educate the Pt./caregiver on fall prevention strategies specific to areas of risk
• Refer Pt. to Physical Therapy and/or Occupational Therapy
• Monitor areas of risk to reduce falls
• Reassess patient

4. Clients and families will be informed of the risks identified in the home safety
assessment, and encourage to participate in managing the risks.

5. All direct care employees will attend education programs/ in-services as part of the agency orientation, annually, and as needed to assure safety for employees and clients.

6. All accidents or injuries will be reported to the Supervising Nurse and documented
on an Incident Report.

• All injuries, illnesses and first aid incidents will be investigated.
• Investigation is focused on looking for casual factors or hazards.

7. If the accident involves the client, appropriate actions will be initiated. The
physician will be notified to obtain specific follow-up orders.

8. Documentation of incidents, including follow-up documentation with trends and
patterns will be incorporated into the agency performance improvement plan.

9. The Agency will conduct an annual environmental site inspection to identify
hazards, unsafe practices, environmental deficiencies and opportunities for improvement.


Medication Reminder

Makes Taking Multiple Medications Safe and Convenient!

One of the top reasons people are re-admitted to the hospital is due to missed medication doses or taking the wrong dose. While there are many reasons people do not take their medication as prescribed, the most frequent answer is: simply forgot.

Med Minders Offers the Following Benefits:

  • Ensures Proper Medication Dosing Every Time
  • Prevents Missed Doses
  • Provides Reassurance and Well-being
  • Reduces Stress and Worry for Caregivers

How Med Minder Works

  • We work with you and/or your caregivers to set up your medication dosage schedule.
  • At the scheduled times, the medication dispenser distributes single or multiple medications up to four times a day from the locked container.
  • The tray then automatically rotates clockwise and triggers the reminder signal.
  • Opening the container door silences the signal for that dose and resets the unit for the next dose.
  • Most importantly, MMS will contact our Care Center when medication doses are skipped, so appropriate follow-up can be made with you and your caregivers.
CSTMMS 501 regulates 28 consecutive doses based on your schedule and needs and has a 48 hour battery back-up.


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